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*In the event of any inconsistency between the Traditional Chinese language version of this Policy and any other language version, the Traditional Chinese language version shall prevail.*

The Lalu Sun Moon Lake Wedding Website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") absolutely respects the privacy rights of all users. Please read the following Privacy Policy carefully to understand the purposes, categories, scope, methods of collecting your personal data, and the rights you may exercise. The term "personal data" referred to in this notice is as defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act. This website reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy, the Notice of Personal Data Collection, and related notices at any time. The revised version may be published in an appropriate location on this website or updated within this webpage content, without further individual notice. You can review the revised Privacy Policy, Personal Data Collection Notice, and related explanations on this website at any time.

Purposes, Methods, and Scope of Personal Data Collection

  1. The purpose of collecting your personal data on this website is for customer and member management services, business and technical information, online shopping and other e-commerce services, marketing of this website and products, delivery and shipment of purchased goods, statistical surveys and analysis, and information and database management.
  2. Browsing this website does not require you to enter your personal information. However, depending on the nature of individual services, this website may obtain user information such as name, address, home telephone number, mobile phone number, refund transfer account information including financial institution account numbers and names, ID card number, foreign passport number, date of birth, gender, age, nationality, types of consumer goods used, details of services, personal or family consumption patterns (including browsing cookie records), and more. Users have the freedom to choose whether to provide personal information, but if you choose not to provide it, this website may not be able to offer related services.
  3. In addition to the aforementioned categories of personal information, for user convenience, this website may utilize cookies technology to manage e-commerce websites and record your activity on this website, aiming to provide services that better suit your individual needs. Cookies are used to enable the web server to recognize user data. Normally, when a web page is accessed, the server cannot discern whether the user has visited before, the frequency of visits, etc. To address this, when browsing a webpage, the server will store a short piece of information on the user's hard drive through the browser. The next time the browser requests a web page from the server, it sends the data from the cookie to the server, which can then use this data to recognize the user. With the user's visit data, the web server can analyze and tailor different actions or provide specific information based on different readers' preferences. This website will write and read cookies in your browser under the following circumstances:

    • To provide better and personalized services, and facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities, such as storing your preferred specific area of data or saving passwords to avoid entering them each time you visit this website.

    • To statistically analyze visitor numbers and browsing patterns, to understand webpage browsing situations, and as a reference for improving the website's services. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some personalized services or participate in certain activities. You can adjust your browser's cookie acceptance settings, including accepting all cookies, receiving notifications when cookies are being set, or rejecting all cookies.
  4. Furthermore, this website will retain relevant records generated by users' online browsing or inquiries on the server, including the connecting IP address, usage time, browser used, browsing data, and records of clicks. These data are used for internal website traffic and online behavior analysis in aggregate, to enhance the quality of services provided by this website.
  5. Any other communications or materials transmitted by users to this website, apart from personal data, including but not limited to opinions, customer responses, preferences, suggestions, support, requests, questions, and other content (hereinafter referred to as "Other Messages"), shall be considered outside the scope of personal data as defined in this policy and will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary information. When users transmit Other Messages to this website and they are received, it is considered that users agree and grant this website a non-exclusive and unpaid authorization to use such Other Messages for investigation, statistics, and other purposes.

The period, regions, recipients, and methods of use

  1. Duration of Use: This website may utilize such personal information throughout its operational period, and may retain it permanently, unless otherwise stipulated by applicable laws in accordance with their provisions.
  2. Purpose and Method of Utilization: This website will process and utilize personal information collected within the scope of specific purposes through electronic, written, telephone, telecommunication, internet, and other means. In addition to functions such as membership and customer management retrieval, your collected personal information will also be used in the following ways:

    • Marketing Activities: This website will use your address, email, and phone number for promoting website products or activities (including but not limited to commercial information sent by this website, such as newsletters, EDM, text messages), notifying you of service updates and promotional messages, providing various electronic information related to services, marketing information related to services, opinion information exchange related to surveys, activities, message boards, and other service-related matters, and contacting users.

    • Business and Market Analysis: Analyzing the content or advertisements viewed by users, based on personal attributes such as gender, age, place of residence, interests, preferences, or purchase history, website browsing history, etc., for service analysis, development of new services, and improvement of existing services.

    • Customized Advertising and Web Content: Fulfilling your requirements for products and services, improving our services, contacting you, conducting research, and providing internal and external market analysis or business reports that do not contain personal information of customers.

    • Other specific purposes agreed upon by the user in writing, email, fax, or by clicking buttons on web pages.

    • This website may use social media platforms like Facebook, or other social service systems, to publish information on users' social feeds after obtaining user consent. If users disagree with this message publication, please do not click the agree button, or later remove such information through the member mechanism of the respective social service or refuse the continued publication of related messages by this website.
  3. Protection Policy for Minors and Guardians: This website cannot ascertain whether the collected personal information indeed belongs to users with full legal capacity. As parents or guardians, please do not allow your children or wards to submit personal information without obtaining your consent.

Exercise of User Rights

  1. Briefly, you have the right to exercise the rights as stipulated in Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act. Our website's processing principles are as follows:

    • If you require a copy of your personal data, you can make the request via email to the website.
    • You can email our customer service or call our service center to request the cessation of collection, processing, use, or deletion of personal data. However, please note that after completing the process of requesting the cessation of collection, processing, or use of personal data, or requesting the deletion of personal data, the services provided by the website to the user will be temporarily suspended or terminated. The website will handle these matters within the scope permitted by law.
  2. If you are unwilling to provide the personal data required for various services or transactions by the website, or if you do not agree with the website's collection, processing, use, and international transmission of personal data in accordance with legal regulations and this Privacy Policy and its related notices, the website will fully respect your decision. However, depending on the nature or conditions of the service, you may be unable to use relevant services, fulfill rights and obligations, or complete transactions as a result. The website reserves the right to decide whether to provide such relevant services or complete related transactions based on your decision.

Disclosure of Personal Data

  1. The personal data collected by this website may be provided to outsourced partners (including but not limited to suppliers, logistics, courier, payment processing, event gift, and display vendors, and other auxiliary or authorized agents) for business purposes within the scope of the announced specific purposes.
  2. This website will never sell, exchange, or rent your personal data to other organizations or individuals. The data is solely for internal processing and utilization. However, there are circumstances where this limitation does not apply, and the website is not required to inform users in advance:

    • Sharing your data with others or companies is necessary to provide the products or services you requested.
    •Based on legal requirements or requests from judicial authorities and other competent authorities through statutory procedures.
    • Necessary to safeguard national security, public interests, or prevent harm to others' rights and interests.
    • Necessary to prevent risks to users' life, body, freedom, or property, benefiting the parties involved.
    • With the user's written consent or authorization.
    • Based on a good faith belief that disclosure is required by law.
    • In the event of a change in the responsible operation of the website, user membership data and transaction records may be transferred to the subsequent responsible operator to ensure continued use of the website's services.
    • Used for management to maintain and improve website services.
  3. To provide other services or benefits, when this website needs to share your personal information with third parties who provide such services or benefits, we will provide clear explanations and notifications during the activity. You are free to choose whether to accept this service or benefit.

Transfer of Website Member Data and Transaction Records

You understand and agree that in the event of the transfer of the operational rights of this website to another third party, for the purpose of enabling you to continue using the services of this website, your personal data and transaction records may be transferred to the subsequent party responsible for operating this website. You also agree that the aforementioned transfer of personal data and transaction records is within the specific purpose scope for which you provided such personal data. At that time, this website will not require your written consent again.

The storage and retention methods for data are as follows:

Your personal data is securely stored within the website's database system. Additionally, anyone accessing and using the data must adhere to the data authorization and management regulations set by the website. Unauthorized individuals cannot access data beyond the scope of authorization control, as access is governed by the authorization control system.

Personal Data Security

This website will employ reasonable technology and procedures in line with industry standards to safeguard the security of personal data.

Privacy Policy Inquiry

If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy and Personal Data Collection Notice on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you.